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Leve is a startup that combines technology and financial innovation.
Our mission is to democratize and demystify digital investments.

Why will Leve be the best investment App in Brazil?

Through our App, we have created a secure, integrated, and innovative platform for personal investments, where it is possible to learn, invest, and trade digital and traditional assets.

More than a brokerage

A platform for the new digital era investor, an integrated and innovative environment for personal investments, where it is possible to learn and invest in various assets with ease and security.

Simulated mode

Through the "Simulated mode" function, you can simulate operations as if they were real. Follow how this investment would go and learn about the market before actually operating.

You in control

We've developed tools so that you can learn and decide on your own how much and how you want to invest. Possibility to start with any amount and monitor your earnings minute by minute.


A secure platform that follows the best practices in the national and international cybersecurity market. 100% proprietary and auditable systems compliant with national laws.

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Renato Abreu (CEO) e Hugo Abreu (COO)

"We are a Wealthtech startup."

“Wealthtech” it's the term used for Fintechs focused on personal wealth and investments.

Founded in 2021 by entrepreneurs with over 10 years of experience in the industry, Leve combines the forefront of digital investments (blockchain and crypto-assets) with all its power and new possibilities, with the traditional investment market.

Our Mission: To democratize and demystify investments in digital assets.

Our pillars: Education, safety, technology, and innovation.

José Furtado (CFO)

Executive with over 30 years of experience in leading the financial sector of European and Brazilian companies, always aiming to maximize their values and ensure financial stability for these organizations.

César Maia (CRO)

With over 28 years of proven experience as an Executive CRO, they have an impressive track record in developing and implementing business on a global scale, including in the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Token Leve Investment

Leve Token is a decentralized digital asset that combines blockchain technology and financial innovation. Our mission is to empower the company 'Leve®' to democratize and demystify digital investments.


The platform aims to democratize and simplify digital investments, and its token is a key part of its strategy.


Startup Wealthtech announces an important milestone in its token that is about to be completed.


The Brazilian startup, Leve Invest, is waiting for the main exchanges' audit to list their token.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Through the Simulated Mode, you can simulate real transactions and track in real-time how it would have been if that investment had been made in the real world. In the current Light version (Alpha), all operations work only in Simulated Mode. Please wait for the Beta version to carry out the first real operations! We provide some assets for testing in simulated mode, the quotes and market information are real and in real-time, only the operations are simulated.

Yes. To faithfully reproduce the simulated operations performed in the app, we send transaction initiation and confirmation emails upon completion of the operation. You can turn off emails in the Menu and then Settings. Through the emails, if there is any error in simulating the operation, you will be informed.

You start with a balance of R$1,000 to test the App and learn about the market. Click on the Pen at the bottom of the App to open the operational menu (bottom menu) and then click on "Buy." Select the asset you want to simulate a purchase and enter the amount. On your first purchase, you will need to create your 4-digit Pin. Complete the transaction with your security Pin or Face ID. Wait a few seconds for us to process your simulation, and you're done! You will have the asset in your wallet.

Now just follow your operations and see how it would be in the real world! Buying and selling are the functional operations in Simulated Mode. Deposit and withdrawal are only available in Real Mode.

Yes. We provide some stocks and cryptocurrencies for testing in simulated mode, and the quotes and market information for these assets are real, only the transactions are simulated

2FA stands for "Two Factor Authentication" in English, which means "Authentication with two factors" in Portuguese. It is a method that enhances the security of App access by requiring a second authorization to access, in addition to the password, typically through SMS or email. Our 2FA is performed via SMS. Please make sure that you have a signal and are receiving SMS from your carrier, and that your mobile number is correctly registered if you are not receiving your verification code.

If the error persists, please inform us by email at contato@leve.app.br.

Leve Invest Token is a decentralized digital asset that combines blockchain technology and financial innovation. Our mission is to empower the company "Leve®" to democratize and demystify digital investments. We aim to present a new way of investing, whether in DeFi or in the traditional market, the Leve way.

Criptomoedas são moedas virtuais criptografadas e descentralizadas geradas numa Blockchain.

Criptoativos são ativos virtuais criptografados e descentralizados gerados numa Blockchain.

A diferença entre os dois é basicamente que Criptomoedas são feitas com o objetivo de ser moedas transacionáveis, ou seja, “dinheiro”, cada uma com suas características e diferenças, sendo a mais conhecida o Bitcoin. Já os Criptoativos não são necessariamente relacionados a moeda transacional ou dinheiro, podendo ser qualquer ativo que possa ser representado de forma digital. Podendo ser atrelado ou “lastreado” a algo real ou algum bem ou serviço real, ou, intangível e sem lastro com o mundo físico. Portanto, Criptomoedas são uma sub-categoria dos Criptoativos. Para entender melhor o que são as Criptomoedas, leia o nosso artigo Criptomoedas no WikiGame.

The Interest Profile serves as a filter, where you select what interests you, and we prepare the most relevant information especially for you on the "Home" tab.

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